We’re a full service bike shop offering anything from basic adjustments to complete overhauls. We have highly trained staff to take care of any of your needs, including certified bike fit technicians.


Take a ride on the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail on our rental bicycles! This 26 mile paved trail is a wonderful way to explore Amish Country and enjoy the outdoors. For Groups of 5 or more, please call ahead for reservations and availability.


Child trailers, Trail-a-Bikes & Bicycles

Fatbikes or Tandems


4 hours





24 hours





Rental bicycles are either “flat-bar hybrid” or “comfort” due to the casual nature of the trail. All bike rentals include a helmet and lock, and are equipped with cages that accept most water bottles. We currently do not rent road bikes or recumbent trikes. Items rented at the 4-hour rate must be returned by close (see hours of operation), or the 24-hour rate will be assessed. Hourly rates do not apply for the ShockWiz rentals. The $40/wk* rental is only available with a bike purchase.

Repair Packages

We offer a number of repair packages for a variety of needs. Whether you just need a quick tune-up or a complete overhaul, we have solutions for you.  If you are in need of something that you don’t see on the list, feel free to send us a question using the link below!

Request a Repair or Tune Up

the Basic  $45

  • perfect Gears
  • perfect Brakes
  • air tires
  • lubricate chain
  • bike inspection & bolt torque check

the Annual $69

  • bike inspection & bolt torque check
  • perfect gears & brakes
  • air tires
  • lubricate chain
  • true wheels
  • adjust bearings
  • clean bike

the Annual Plus $99

  • “the Annual”
  • clean, wash & polish
  • degrease chain, cassette & chainrings

the Overhaul $199

  • “the Annual Plus”
  • adjust & repack bearings
  • complete detail of bike & drivetrain
  • replace cables & grips or bartape*

*additonal charges will apply to premium part upgrades & hydraulic brake and suspension services

Certified Fit

A Full Fit by our certified staff member begins with a pre-fit interview to obtain a better understanding of the cyclist’s riding style and goals. Then, key measurements are taken from the body including range of motion and flexibility assessments. The cyclist will then spend a significant amount of time on the trainer where the technician will use the gathered information to fit the bike to the rider. The end result is a bike perfectly paired to the rider, making them as comfortable and efficient as possible.

A typical Full Fit is scheduled for two hours, before or after shop hours, and runs $125. Call to schedule your session.

**Basic adjustments include minor adjustments to drivetrain, gears or brakes due to normal wear, as well as minor adjustments to improve bike fit.