Group Rides at Pumpkinvine CycleryAt Pumpkinvine Cyclery, we love to ride. It’s not only our business, but our passion. And what better way to share it with you than a group ride?

Our group rides happen weekly, leaving from our shop. The current ride leaves on Wednesdays at 6:15pm with three group options:

  • A Group: Fitness Level- Advanced. This is an intense and spirited group (gotta chase those Strava segments!) with routes typically around 35-40 miles and speeds of 20+ mph. Drops do happen, but catch up options are usually available.
  • B Group: Fitness Level- Intermediate. This group rides for sport, but isn’t necessarily interested in race training or going out for max speed. You’ll get a good workout without the competitive edge. Their routes are usually 24-30 miles at speeds of 16-19mph. If you begin with this group and find out you can’t quite keep up, you can easily fall back with the C Group as they ride the same route.
  • C Group: Fitness Level- Average*. This group isn’t concerned with┬áspeed, but will hold a 11-15 mph pace for around 20-25 miles. This is a no drop group.

*Depending on the turn-out, some of these groups may be combined. Also, please note that these routes are on the road. Come prepared with appropriate safety gear: lights, helmets and tools to fix flats, as they do happen from time to time.

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